Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wacky Bizarro World

In Wacky Bizarro World…
I, the king, am called imagination, so imagination is king
Therefore think whatever you wish to think and imagine anything
The rules are only fun cause fun is the only rule
And school is a magic place cause magic is taught in school
Games are played all the time and time can also play
In your imagination there is no time, so come in and stay
Things here are different and different things are here
Near things will seem further and the furthest will seem quite near
Tacky will seem normal and normal will seem tacky
And wacky will seem bizarro but bizarro’s actually wacky.
As King, I like everybody and I know I will like you
So you can act like normal you or you can be wacky too
In this world no matter how bizarro, and no matter how tacky
It is a good thing to be normal, but it’s great thing to be wacky.
This is Wacky Bizarro World…
where down is up and up is down
where brown is blue and blue is brown
where right is left and left is right
where night is day and day is night
where the hare is slow and the tortoise is fast
where ‘good-bye’ is said first and ‘hello’ is said last
where books can fly and flies can read books
where cookies cook cookies cause cookies are cooks
where computers swing like monkeys and monkeys know how to compute
where fruit on trees tastes like candy and the leaves taste like sweet fruit
where flowers can talk, trees can dance and animals can sing
Welcome to Wacky Bizarro World where you can go anywhere and do anything
Welcome to Wacky Bizarro World…
… I am your imagination and imagination is the king
and I can tell you precisely what instructions you shall need
You may need an anchor to pull you up into the sky
Remember that up is down and down is up, so down you must fly
And a compass is a must, but use it the right way
For right is left, down is up and night is always day
And when you meet the fly that reads, be sure to say ‘good bye’
For he can read you the story of, the book that can fly
Say ‘hello’ to the bug as you ride, away on the flying book
Then sniff hard and smell the cookies, cooked by cookie cooks
The book will let you gently down next to the dancing trees
Pick some candy and take a bite, and be sure to eat the leaves
Then have a talk with the flowers and hear the animals sing
For this is Wacky Bizarro World and imagination is king.

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